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Weight Loss

A Happier, Healthier You

A part of regaining your health includes looking at and for potential contributing factors to your current weight.  Are you struggling to get past a certain weight?  Are you doing all of the things you've been told, researched, and learned and simply continue to gain? Are you concerned you may have conditions that put you at risk of long term health problems? Let us help you gain insight and pinpoint things that may answer those questions.  We offer a comprehensive lab panel order as a part of our weight loss patients' visits.

Here for You

Utilizing our weight loss services includes access to our trained staff through message, email, and text outside of formal appointments.  Have a question?  Having a side effect and need recommendations or additional medication to help you manage it?  Many of these can be answered simply by reaching out to us by your preferred method of communication without incurring an additional cost during normal business hours.

Quality Care

Our provider's doctoral project (2014-2016) focused on factors that impact long term weight management success.  One of the largest things she found impacted long term weight management success was tracking intake.  We term this "mindfulness".  When quality medications are combined with dietary tools, tracking intake, and movement, seeing progress that is sustained long term is truly possible even after stopping this treatment program with us.  We promise to provide excellent quality, compassionate, and convenient care to every one of our patients.  You are an individual and we will tailor your treatment plan as such!

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Your Questions Answered

For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of some common questions and answers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to us and a member of our staff will be happy to answer for you.

Can I use insurance for my visit?  What about for medications?

The cost of the visits can be billed to insurance!  We do require a $50 booking fee at the time of scheduling your visit that will be applied to your total cost. After the completion of your visit your insurance can be billed.  Please reach out to additional information.

The total cost of visit will be tailored to each individual patient based off of treatment recommendations discussed at time of visit.

Many insurances will cover the medications used for weight loss.  Many insurances require a prior authorization for some of the medications.  This process is done by our staff submitting electronic documentation to the insurance company.  We will work hard to get the medication approved so these services can be afforded by many.

What are my options if insurance doesn't cover the medication prescribed?

We will work hard to find a medication that fits your needs considering your lifestyle, history, budget and goals and which your insurance will also help cover. 

If not covered, we will try another medication that is on the insurance formulary (list of medications that are covered).  

What types of medications do you prescribe for weight loss?

Medications within the GLP-1 class are primarily what we prescribe for weight loss. They are phenomenal medications that we wish had been around longer for weight loss (they have been a key medication in combating diabetes for many years). These medications allow the body to better use insulin encouraging a more stable blood sugar which in turn helps improve mood, cravings, and overall health. Also, the medications slow stomach emptying causing a fuller sensation and a ‘break’ within your system which reduces the amount you consume, mindless snacking, and cravings.  Overall, these medication help with mindfulness of intake which is KEY to sustained weight management once your goals are reached.  These medications are approved for long term use, but this does not mean you will have to be on them forever or even a long period of time.  When combined with the tools our team provides as a part of our weight loss program, we have helped numerous patients sustain their achieved weight loss.

Examples of medications options we prescribe are Wegovy, Saxenda, Mounjaro, growth hormone releasing peptides, low dose naltrexone, Contrave, MIC injections, and phentermine* (Adipex, Qysmia*) (*North Carolina only). 

This list is not exhaustive and we encourage anyone with other medications in mind to reach out to the clinic directly.  

Please reach out to discuss cost for each medication as pricing depends on dosing.

How often are follow up visits?

We follow up with each patient utilizing our weight loss services once monthly at a minimum.  If you need or want to be seen more frequently, we can accommodate that as well.
A immense benefit of utilizing us to help reach your weight loss goals and regain your wellness is having easy access to us outside of formal appointments.  You can reach out via text, message, or email with questions, concerns, or needed support.  We commit to be with and for you, walking along side you to help you reach your health goals!  These contacts are not charged an additional cost!

What are common side effects of weight loss medications?

GLP-1 medications have no significant side effects for most people. Most commonly, people report short term, tolerable nausea. Nausea usually occurs when starting the medications, changing dosing of the medications (titrating up after a minimum of 4 weeks at each dosage), waiting too long to eat between meals, or eating past the body’s cues of fullness.  Other side effects include constipation, GERD, and mild headaches.  If you experience any side effects that you are unable to tolerate or manage on your own, we are here to provide you with guidance and as needed medication options.  

Other medications we prescribe have similar side effect profiles.  With medications that contain phentermine, tachycardia is a more common side effect.  

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